Monday, January 12, 2009

Skype, Twitter, Plurk ... huh?

I've known about SKYPE for some time, but two years ago I would have been lost in conversation about Twitter and Plurk.
Combined, these three Internet tools comprise the majority of professional contact I have with the outside world. Surprisingly I find, that I use these "social networking" tools so much at work, I can't bring myself to start them at home. I like them as work tools and hesitate at much overlap between work and play.
I already created confusion by setting my Twitter to update my Facebook page. Friends who don't know or understand the nature of my work think I have lost it sometimes when they see my references to Ed Tech happenings.
I find Plurk to be easy to follow, yet sloooowww to load and use. Twitter is nice with Twhirl for quick hits or TweetDeck break things out.
Gosh how quickly my old ways change. I hardly log into the old Web Tech forums for answers anymore. If I can't Google it, I Tweet it, Plurk it, post it to my SKYPE group, or hit up a LinkedIN group.
Next week I will present a Professional Learning Network workshop. I plan to expound more on this topic after that.