Thursday, January 15, 2009

Second Life - First opportunity!! I'm Stoked!

I joined 2nd Life about a year ago after viewing it in a preconference session with David Warlick. I thought it was pretty cool, the whole immersion thing, the community and ability to file access from the format. I joined and wandered around a little bit.
When I finally got out of the introduction part, I didn't know where to go. I found ISTE, and looked for Warlick there, but there are several Islands and have yet to find him.
My next adventure was to search for "Beach." Plenty to choose from, so I picked one that seemed mild. It wasn't bad, reggae music streamed. Some days they had a DJ. At one point they had a live performance from a guy actually playing and singing. Pretty neat, but still not blowing me away. I'm an old Tech forum rat so I didn't really want to get into the "social member" scene.
Lately people are talking more and more about classroom applications. To be honest, given the scantily clad attire of many avatars, no way I would venture there in front of K-12 students. So I have been curious about how it's being used project wise.
I finally get my first chance to do a training in 2nd Life and I am pumped. I have taken classes in virtual environments before but never in as advanced of a platform as 2nd Life. More on this to come...


  1. Caleb Mingle said...

    Good luck on this! Second Life truly is a unique platform.. that has tons of potential in an education environment.

    If things were cleaned up a bit, and a bit of Second Life was "specialized" for students/education.. the positive effects of it are endless.

    Think of a clean SL in the classroom.. just education all together with it.