Friday, January 9, 2009

Recently, at the NCETC 2008 Conference I attended a workshop presented by Jim Moulton. Fabulous and well educated man! A must see as a speaker as he drives home some very important points about our digital lives and our real lives.
(Jim Moulton's blog)
Jim gave us participants a copy of his book Computers Can, Computers Can't ..... What a wonderful read for those of us who have witnessed the emergence of the Digital Age.
Jim also introduced me to free and low cost option self publishing!
Ok, I feel like the last man on Earth.
What it has done for me is inspired me to not only start writing that novel I talked about as an English Major way back when, but to prompt my 10 year old son to begin creating his own book.
My Colleague across town Keith Ledford and I are all ready making plans to try and push a project in McDowell County using Jr High Students to capture and retell stories of their Grandparents!
Guys like Moulton who helped pioneer 1 to 1 computing in schools are truly a gem. I am proud of myself for having the wherewithal to approach him and mine him for his knowledge.


  1. Ana Buckmaster said...

    I was also at that conference in December; it was great to hear Jim speak. The Lulu thing got me thinking over the holidays, and my science classes are now writing books to summarize the learning for the end of the unit. Fourth graders are writing a book called "Rocks and Minerals in North Carolina", and fifth graders are writing "Landforms and Weathering". We're going to donate any royalties to the PTA of our school. The kids hope that other students around the state and the globe benefit from the reference books they're creating. I've never seen some of them so jazzed about writing.

  2. Eric Cole said...

    That is OUTSTANDING Ana! I am working with our Literary Coach now to try and light a fire under some feet to get our project moving!

  3. Jim Moulton said...

    Hey, let me know when that "Rocks and Minerals in North Carolina" is good to go, as I am a rock collector wherever I go... In fact, if that class would like to do a little rock swapping, I have some beautiful petrified wood samples I have gotten from a friend in California. Let me know - Write on!